Bits & Bites #118 - Health: The "IBLP" of Lingzhi

Sunday 20 December 2015

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How do you explain the Functions and Benefits of Lingzhi?
Just remember I-B-L-P.

1) Immunity - Lingzhi regulates your immune system by boosting up your immunity so you don't fall sick so easily and at the same time, alleviate your immune response so you're not attacked by auto-immune diseases and allergies.
2) Blood circulation - Lingzhi improves your blood circulation so your blood can carry more oxygen and nutrients to your body cells. You will have more energy as Lingzhi clear blockages in your blood vessels. You will be less prone to suffer from cold limbs and numbness.
3) Liver - Lingzhi protects your liver, strengthens your liver function and is a powerful detoxifier.
4) Prevent - Lingzhi  prevents degenerative diseases and delays your ageing process.


The best time to consume Lingzhi is when you're still Healthy.
Why? For Maintenance and Prevention.
The dosage depends on your body size, lifestyle and whether you have a stronger genetic makeup.
Why don't you give it a try?
It's very safe. You will definitely experience the difference.


Q. Does Lingzhi cause my body to feel heaty?
A. No. Lingzhi is Neutral in nature. It regulates your body to an optimally balanced level. When you feel heaty after taking Lingzhi, it's a sign that you have acidic body constitution.


Lingzhi / Ganoderma is like an "automatic camera".
Regardless what is wrong with your body and regardless what is your body constitution, so long as you take Lingzhi, it has the ability to adjust and do what is necessary to return your body back to health (just like how you use an automatic camera to snap a photo without you having to adjust anything or know how it works).


Probiotics should be able to travel safely to your colon without being destroyed along the way. Many probiotics are heat-sensitive so they get destroyed on the way in. What probiotics are heat-resistant and acid-resistant?

Lactoberry probiotics. 

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