Bits & Bites #113 - Business: A Platform That Transforms You To Be A Better Person

Sunday 15 November 2015

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When you say you don't have the money to take my healthfood, sometimes, it is Not because you really don't have the money.
It's that you don't prioritise your Health. So you choose to use your money for immediate gratification e.g. buy a new handbag or go holidays, instead of investing in something that you can't really see now.


If you want success, you must make yourself "hungry".
How? Ponder deeply upon the goals you want. If you really want them bad enough, these will be the motivations driving you..
"I must make it happen."
"I can't wait for it to happen."
You will be willing to take risks and challenge yourself to do what you're not comfortable doing, in order to achieve your goals.


Do you know where you're heading in your life?
Do you know how to get there?
You send out different vibrations when you do. People are attracted and drawn towards you.
They want to find out what you do and follow you.


Shuang Hor Business transforms us to be a good person.
This business is a platform that elevates us to improve and hone our skills to be better than we are.


4 Things to Balance when doing Shuang Hor Business:

1. Flexibility v. Perseverance
Be flexible enough to adapt to the situation at hand. At the same time, persevere and continue with your activities even when you're facing difficulties.

2. Confidence v. Humility
Be confident but don't be arrogant. Always be down to earth, modest and humble.

3. Patience v. Urgency
Be patient with your prospects and friends but be urgent with yourself. Do what you need to do as quickly as possible.

4. Effectiveness v. Priority
Do your activities effectively and be organised; know which are the important tasks to focus on first.

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