Bits & Bites #96 - Health: Testimonies & 5 Tips on Lactoberry Probiotics

Sunday 5 July 2015

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1) Lactoberry probiotics is Multi-functional and very Value for Money.
I usually take 1-2 sachets after meals to help with my digestion, so I don't feel so full or bloated and can pass out all the waste easily during my visits to the toilet.
2) There were 2 times when I suffered from diarrhoea caused by food poisoning. I took 10 sachets over a 24 hour period and it worked. No more diarrhoea. No doctor. No medicine.
3) Some friends feed their children with Lactoberry when they have fever or runny nose - a sachet mixed with milk powder, 2 sachets mixed with water fed spoonful by spoonful to the baby, another sachet in between meals etc. Very effective.
4) Another friend who has mouth ulcer simply poured the powder directly onto the ulcer and felt fast pain relief.
5) Recently, a friend suffered from seafood allergy which caused her lips to swell excessively and the lower half of her face to also swell and itch from the rashes. She took up to 15 sachets Lactoberry for almost 2 days and the swelling and pain subsided significantly.


Lactoberry probiotics is very Safe to consume:
  • There is no dosage limit.
  • It doesn't cause any side effects or harm.
  • There's no complications with Chinese or Western medication or any specific food.
  • Any category and age of people can take.

Lactoberry probiotics is very Effective because of the sheer quantity of the bacteria packed into each sachet. This gives sufficient amount to do the work it has to do in our digestive system. Each sachet has at least 2 Billion probiotics and by the time they reach our digestive tract, it would have multiplied by 20 times, into 40 Billion probiotics.


Benefits of Lactoberry probiotics:
  • Alleviate allergic conditions, including sinus and skin allergy.
  • Smoothen bowel movement so you won't have constipation problem.
  • Strengthen immune system so you don't easily fall sick.
  • Age gracefully as it helps control your stress and emotions, as well as sleep better.
  • Prevent cancer as it cleans up your digestive tract.

How do you consume Lactoberry probiotics?
Take 1-2 sachets everyday after each meal.
When you have special needs e.g. food poisoning, allergy attack, ulcers, flu, etc., take at least 6-10 sachets a day. Increase dosage if condition is severe.

Remember - Do Not mix with hot water or carbonated drinks as it will reduce the effectiveness of Lactoberry.

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