GoEco Household Products for a Safer Environment

Wednesday 13 May 2015

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The Bigger Picture

It's important to take care of our environment. Because when we take care of the environment, it will also take care of us.

We pay a price for advancement. In living our "modern" life, we are constantly being exposed to a lot of chemicals. The agents we use to clean ourselves and our house everyday have a lot of toxic chemicals that are silent killers. Starting from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we're being bombarded with various types of chemicals - in the form of our toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, detergent, dishwashing liquids etc. This pose a health hazard to us. It's therefore no surprise that there are more incidences of growths, polyps, fibroids, cysts etc being reported. It's our body's way to quarantine these toxins that are not naturally occurring in our body.

So it's important to choose the right household products to use.

Health Hazards Commonly Found in Cleaning Agents 

1. Optical brighteners
It's commonly found in soap powders and is bluish in colour. It doesn't have any cleaning function but is used to create an optical illusion (by absorbing the sunlight) and therefore makes your clothes look brighter. The danger is, it can cause skin allergies, inflammation and cancer. So we need to be mindful, especially when choosing what to use to wash our undergarments. This is one of the causes of the rise in breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer. There's a correlation between what you use to wash your clothes and the increased incidences of cancer.

2. Nonylphenol
There's also proof to show that a chemical called nonylphenol also disturbs our body's hormone secretion. This is a powerful cleaning agent and it sticks onto our clothes as residue after washing. It poses a big threat to our skin, being our largest external organ. As our skin pores open up to breath, nonylphenol easily seeps into our bloodstream through our skin therefore causing a lot of havoc and creating hormonal imbalance. It also harms our liver and affects fertility by reducing sperm count and even causing barrenness.

3. Triclosan
It's an antiseptic and deodorant and is also found in toothpaste. It can disrupt our hormonal system and potentially cause cancer from prolonged contact with our skin.

4. Phosphates
Apart from hazards on our health, chemicals on cleaning agents also have an impact on the environment. Phosphates can cause a condition called eutrophication which is the ageing of the lakes. The cleaning agents that we use to wash our plates and clothes will flow down the pipes and end up in the rivers and lakes. The phosphates and nitrates are food for the algae and when there's increase of these chemicals in the lakes, they cause excessive growth of algae. The algae may cover up a great part of the lake surface area. Then when they die, it prevents the oxygen from going to the marine life and fishes living in the lake. This will cause massive deaths to the marine life. This process is naturally occurring but because of the chemicals in our cleaning agents, we contribute to causing an accelerated rate of eutrophication and water pollution and havoc to our eco-system.

What solution do we have to reduce the risks of these harmful chemicals?

Use GoEco environmentally friendly household products. GoEco is free from toxic contents, and therefore not only keeps our house Clean, but also protect our Health and the Environment.

1. Effective
What is unique about this range is that we use a special bio enzyme technology. It's developed by Ms Jamie Chen, a world expert in surfactant. It can clean our clothes and utensils very well without endangering us. It's a special protein that is able to breakdown the organic dirt to small clusters and the dirt is readily dislodged with ease.

2. Safe and Non-corrosive 
GoEco is free from harmful chemicals. A test was done whereby 2 other environmental friendly cleaning agents were compared along with GoEco. A piece of aluminium foil is soaked overnight in these cleaning agents. The aluminium foil soaked in GoEco didn't corrode. The foil soaked with the other 2 cleaning agents had turned black. This means that it's safe when GoEco is in contact with our skin. It doesn't cause skin sensitivity and doesn't destroy our fabrics and doesn't leave residue traces. It is biodegradable up to 95% within 30 days, meaning it's able to breakdown into safe substances i.e. carbon dioxide and water within this period. It won't burden the environment and also your liver, if you accidentally ingest it.

3. Eco-friendly
It conforms to the regulations of Eco-Friendly Label, which means it's free from those harmful chemicals mentioned earlier, and does not pose any health concern to the human body and the environment.

All Purpose Cleaner (APC)

Active ingredients and Functions

1. Lipase enzymes - very effective to breakdown the stubborn lipids/oils and therefore can reduce the oily sludge that has built up in the drain pipes.

2. Protease enzymes - effectively breaks down the protein based organic dirt e.g. sweat, blood and human secretions.

3. Glucoside cleaning agent - it's the same agent used to make ice-cream, so it's a very safe cleaning agent to use.

4. Non-ionic surfactant - neutral (neither too acidic nor alkaline) and therefore safer to use and non-corrosive.

5. Fragrance from lemon oil - very pleasant natural scent, no artificial smell.


APC can be used to clean any washable surface especially the areas exposed to oil and grease. It can be used for washing plates, kitchen hoods, metallic ornamental items, bathroom tiles etc. It's really effortless to clean and the dirt comes off easily. There's no strong chemical smell when used to clean your floor, unlike other floor cleaning agents.

You can also use it to wash your car - the rims of tyres sparkle more. Washing car windscreen with APC will give the screen a layer of APC, which then helps the rainwater not to stick on to the screen so the visibility is better.

Directions for use

General cleaning - 1 part APC diluted in 10 parts water. Put into spray bottle for ease of use.

For very oily and stubborn stains - 1 cap APC to 3 caps water, or even in undiluted concentrated form if the stains are really oily. Spray on, do some gentle rubbing, leave it for 10-20 minutes to let the enzymes do further work to break down the dirt, then wash it off. Quite effortless for the dirt to come off.

Mopping the floor - 1 cap APC to 10-20 litres water. Not really necessary to do a double rinse as it doesn't leave an uncomfortable sticky feeling. No harmful residues. Excellent for households with little children. And you also save water.

After washing, you can use this water to pour onto your plants. It's not hazardous and will not kill your plants. This is a good tip to remember if you want to conserve water.

Liquid Detergent (LD)

Active Ingredients

1. Protease enzymes - penetrates deep into the fabric to breakdown the organic substances such as bloodstains, body secretions and sweat but doesn't destroy the fabrics as it's non-corrosive.

2. Anti-redeposition cellulose - able to prevent secondary contamination. For example curry stains on white shirts - other cleaning agents may clean away the stain but still leave behind a yellow patch. It doesn't happen when using LD because the cellulose envelopes or wraps up the dirt dislodged during the process of laundry and effectively removes it away from the clothes. It is easily washed away and hence prevent secondary contamination.

3. Super detergent trioline - a non-ionic surfactant.


For any type of washable fabric, even premium quality garments, underclothes and safe enough for baby wear. Even if the clothes are not dried under direct sunlight, there's no weird after smell.

Value for money as you don't need to use softeners. This is because with the dirt being broken down into smaller clusters by the enzymes, the clothing becomes easier to be rinsed clean, and hence stays softer. Doesn't have residues that clings onto the fabrics of our clothes.

Clothes last longer as they are not subjected to a lot of scrubbing and cleaning - doesn't damage the elasticity of the clothes. Colour stays on better. It protects the quality of your fabric so it can last longer.

You can recycle the water from the washing machine for your bathroom use, as it still has some enzymes inside and can continue to do the cleaning for your pipes and drainage.

Clothes washed using LD feel quite soft, making it easier to fold and there's less creases. it's also easier to iron.

Pleasant lavender smell.

Directions for Use

Hand wash - 1/4 cap LD to 5 litres of water. Soak for up to 30 minutes to give the enzymes time to breakdown the dirt.

Machine wash - 1/2 cap for full load of 8-9 kg. You can soak it first before putting into washing machine.

For stubborn stains - pre-treat with LD or APC for 5 minutes or more before washing.

Don't expose the APC and LD to direct sunlight because of the active enzymes inside. Sore in a cool, dry place.
Don't wash or clean using hot water because it would destroy the enzymes.

Benefits of APC and LD

1. Effortless cleaning
Strong cleaning action but yet very gentle on the things we clean because of the unique bioenzyme formulation and non-ionic surfactant.

2. Value for money
The LD is very concentrated and has an efficient formulation that needs only 1/3 of the normal detergent amount. You don't need fabric softener or bleaching agents. It saves you time, money, effort and electricity.

3. Low suds
Very easy to rinse. Don't have to put for many cycles of rinsing in your washing machine. It shortens the washing time and saves water.

4. Safe
Toxic free. No residues on fabrics and surfaces. Non-corrosive therefore harmless to skin and body. Doesn't cause skin allergy. Very pleasant to use because of the natural lemon and lavender oil and perfume free. Another reason you don't need to use fabric softeners is because LD is free from a chemical called Zeolites, which is commonly found in cleaning agents. Zeolites tend to make the fabric feel coarser.

5. Convenient
Hassle free because of the multiple-functions. Just 1 cleaning agent can be used to wash and clean your entire house.

6. Environmental friendly 
High biodegradability up to 95% within 30 days. The waste water doesn't cause environmental pollution. The non-ionic surfactant breaks down to carbon dioxide and water.


Do you like what you hear about the GoEco household products? It's definitely able to help us in terms of our Health by reducing the hazards. It's very effective to clean up our clothes and house. If you want to play a part in taking care of the environment, you can start with trying the GoEco yourself, then share with your friends so that we can have a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer world to live in.

Email me at askfuiping@gmail.com if you want to buy GoEco Liquid Detergent and GoEco All Purpose Cleaner. I am an Authorised Distributor. Please refer to Shuang Hor website for Product Description and Price.