Bits & Bites #78 - Business: Earn Your Fortunes With Integrity

Sunday 1 February 2015

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Pontet Canet

You don't have to sacrifice your present income and job to start Shuang Hor Business. You can do it part-timely and only venture into it on a full-time basis after you have expanded the business sufficiently.


Shuang Hor carries a range of high quality, multi-functional products that range from only RM14 to RM580. What is the potential of selling such products?
  • Easier to sell as they are lower in value, compared to computers, water filters or cars.
  • Larger client base as they can be used by people of all ages, race, religion and gender.
  • High volume/turnover as they are consumables and there will be regular repeat orders.

In conventional businesses, you will never transfer your knowledge to your competitors because you will hurt your business. Only in MLM business can you leverage on the Power of Duplication - where you stand to make a fortune simply by helping others.


In this world, given a choice, don't you want to be a good person and earn your fortunes with integrity?
But the nature of your business may not allow you to do so. In the conventional business world, if you help others, you may jeopardise yourself, because they may become your rivals.
But if you're doing Shuang Hor (MLM business), the more people you help, the more money you earn.


In doing Shuang Hor Business, many of us will start to have doubts when our income dips down for a few months. Sometimes, even when the journey is quite smooth and with not many challenges, there are distractions that will sidetrack us from our ultimate goal.
Hence we must be very focused. 
Always ask yourself this Question:
"Is it worthwhile to stretch myself to achieve this? Is it a worthwhile goal?"
If your Answer is Yes, then don't keep thinking "Can or Not? Can or Not?"
Just do it. Keep on doing it.

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Have an awesome day!