Round-up for Dr Chen's Seminar 2014 on Healthcare Benefits of Lingzhi

Sunday 5 October 2014

Dr Deng-Hai Chen had in September 2014 made a presentation on various aspects relating to Lingzhi / Ganoderma and also shared scientific evidence of Lingzhi's ability to protect our liver, kidney and heart.

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"Healthcare Benefits of Lingzhi".

Confidence in Lingzhi

When your own health or the health of your loved ones are affected, your whole life can suddenly collapseregardless whether you're running a big business or you're holding a high level position or you're just a housewife. Health is so critically important. But because we know about Lingzhi, even when we encounter health problems that doctors are unable to handle, we know what to do immediately.

In that sense, our health depends on our own conviction in Lingzhi. If we don't already understand Lingzhi's capabilities when we are confronted with a health problem, our life or the lives of our family may suffer a very big negative impact. We can only wait helplessly in the hospital and keep on praying. But because we believe in Lingzhi, things are different. This is even more so for those of us who have been exposed to Lingzhi for many, many years - our confidence level is even higher.

Research on Lingzhi

Dr Chen has presented to us something that can take care of our entire family's health. This is indeed a precious treasure and a great blessing to know about Lingzhi's potential. It's not easy for Dr Chen to communicate something so complex such as the technical details of his research and intricate techniques on how to extract, concentrate and purify Lingzhi etc., and make it so simple that every lay person can understand. We not only understand, but are able to absorb and then share with other friends who don't have medical background.

Most professors and scientists simply do their researches in the lab, then report their findings in conferences and medical journals. It 
is another matter whether these findings are appropriate for the public to use, as what is reported and tested in the lab may not be something that's suitable for human consumption. 

Prof Chen is different. He doesn't only report his findings, but he also walks with the consumers, to listen and understand their needs, so he can align his research to really cater to what we require. For instance, cancer patients previously had to swallow 60 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma a day. After Dr Chen understands the practical difficulty to do so, he has put in much effort to come up with a version which takes that into account. Now we have Yung Kien Ganoderma2, wherein 10 capsules is equivalent to the original 60 capsules.

The knowledge on how to attain maximum efficacy from the health products is not so easily achieved. As an example, the juice from mangosteen (or any other natural plants) has been claimed to have health benefits. But there are many aspects to consider, such as,

- Which part of the mangosteen is the best - skin, flesh, stem or tail?
- When is the best time to harvest - in March or December?
- Which area's mangosteen is the best - from Penang or Johor?
- Do you use hot or cold water to juice it?
- Do you blend for 10 minutes or 1 hour?

- Do you blend into 1 bowl or 2 bowls?

Of course, the juice of any mangosteen is nice to drink, but the effectiveness and health benefits is surely different. This gives you an idea of the kind of research that needs to be done to ensure that Shuang Hor Lingzhi can indeed give us all the benefits claimed.

How Safe is Lingzhi?

A key point always emphasized by Dr Chen is Safety. What does Safety really mean? It means it can be taken by 
a 7-month pregnant lady AND a 2-day old little baby AND an 80 year old man. All of them can safely consume Lingzhi. For example, water is considered safe to drink, right? And it's good to drink a lot of water. But for a kidney dialysis patient, water is no longer safe, as his body will have difficulty eliminating the extra fluid. Using that comparison, Lingzhi is in fact safer than water, as dialysis patients can consume a high dose without fear.

Safety has another crucial point - we can take it for long term, and take it everyday. We don't realize how much stress we put our body through and how much toxins we take in everyday. In that sense, Lingzhi is even more critical for people living in the city environment, because of our lifestyle and living habits. Hence we have to really put in the effort to understand Lingzhi.

How Much Lingzhi to Take?

How about dosage? How much can one safely consume? The fact that Lingzhi is packaged in capsules has resulted in many people treating it like drugs. Generally drugs can't be taken in high dose. But people can safely take Lingzhi at high dose, particularly for the terminally ill patients, they have to take at even higher dose. Many experiments have been conducted comparing the consumption of Lingzhi at low and high dose. The results clearly show that the higher the dose, the more effective it is, and there's no side effects. No harm will come to the liver and kidney.

Dosage is not specific as all of us are differentThere are so many levels for each type of disease even though it bears the same name. For example, diabetes can be at early stage or a very severe case. Depending on severity, dosage will vary. When the right dosage is coupled with a positive mindset, sufficient sleep, healthier lifestyle, good dietary habit etc., the effects will be even better. Each person's body constitution and body size is also different. Normal maintenance level can range from 8 to 12 Lingzhi a day - a bigger sized person needs to take more, a sick person needs to take at least 12 and above. 

Healing Reactions

Lingzhi can certainly bring you back to health, but during this process, there are many people who give up. Why? Because of their misunderstanding on the Healing Reactions. As Lingzhi is eliminating the toxins and doing its job, you will feel some level of discomfort over a period of time. For instance, some people will pass out a lot of dark stools many times a day. They get worried. In actual fact, they should be happy that they can discharge so much dirty toxins in such a short time. 

Supplementary Shuang Hor Products

Another important point to note is, Lingzhi must be complemented with supplementary Shuang Hor products. Why? Look at it this way - a Boss needs a Secretary and Driver to lighten his work. Boss is the Lingzhi. Secretary and Driver are the supplementary products, which make Lingzhi works even more effectively. During the healing process, your red blood cells need repairing, your wounds need healing, your body cells need restoring, and so on, but your body lacks the raw materials like protein, collagen and calcium. So if you just take Lingzhi, the work can't be done. Lingzhi does not contain all these nutrients. Hence, it is very important to accompany Lingzhi with sufficient amount of the right supplementary products. 


When taking Lingzhi, there is no overdose problem. The reason we can take it at such high dose is because it is absolutely Safe. It can effectively protect all our essential organs including our heart, kidney, liver and immune system. Take care of your health when you're still healthy. Don't wait until you're struck down by a disease and then scramble to look for help.

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