Bits & Bites #55 - Testimonies: Runny Nose, Easily Fall Sick and Losing Weight

Sunday 27 July 2014

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Ganggang Sullae

Testimony: Fastest Way to Recover from Runny Nose

I was in Korea for holidays. The winter weather was extremely cold. The temperature was below freezing. I came back sick with a bad runny nose. My nose was dripping uncontrollably the whole day and I had to wipe it non-stop. My dustbin was filled up with so many tissue papers.
I took 4 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 8 capsules Yung Kien Pollen each time, 3 times a day. I drank a lot of water and rested a lot.
After 3 days of such dosage, when I woke up on Day 4, my nose had suddenly stopped dripping. It was completely clear. I am very happy that my recovery time is so short and it happened so quickly.


Testimony: Body Ache and Flu Symptoms

Ms L was sick recently - her lips were swollen and she had sore throat, fever, headache and joint pain.
Boil 10 sachets Luchun Lingzhi Tea and drink it continuously the whole day.
Dissolve 6-8 sachets Lactoberry probiotics in 500 ml water and finish it immediately.
Consume 6 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 6-8 sachets Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder daily.
She recovered after 4-5 days. She had more frequent bowel movements of 2-3 times a day. The color of her swollen lips started to lighten as she got better.
Because of consuming higher dosage of Jia Hor Soya Protein, the bonus is her skin texture looks better too.


Testimony: Easily Fall Sick

Ms T's brother used to fall sick easily, his nose was regularly blocked (where he can only breath through one side) and he would feel dizzy if he stands up too quickly.
He drinks 2 sachets Luchun Lingzhi Tea daily.
After 6 months, he noticed that he doesn't fall sick so easily since, his nose is not as blocked up as before and his blood circulation is better as he no longer feels dizzy when he stands up suddenly.


Testimony: No Appetite and Very Thin

A lady in her 60s weighs only 39 kg. She's extremely thin as she has no appetite to eat.
She drank a shake of 2 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1 sachet Jia Hor Fiber with lots of water daily.
After almost 14 days, she observed that she has much better appetite and good energy level. The enzymes help her body to absorb more food.


Testimony: How to Lose Weight

A lady consumed a health shake comprising a combination of 2 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1 sachet Jia Hor Fiber + 1 sachet Yung Kien Pollen with the objective of losing weight. After only a short few weeks, she slimmed down considerably. Her brother commented that her arms looked firmer, and her school friend said that her tummy looked smaller and her thighs slimmer. The best news was the monk at her weekly place of prayer could not recognise her due to her transformation. She said her mother was very happy when she heard that wonderful news.

Ganggang Sullae
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