Guest Blog: 3 Simple and Natural Ways to Scavenge Toxins and Purify Your Body

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Do you feel that you have lost activeness in your daily life? Are you feeling below the weather all the time? If so, then these are the clear signs of increasing toxins in your body. By cleansing these toxins from your body, you can dramatically improve your energy level, decision power and clarity in thoughts. The cleansing of toxic chemicals will also help you in achieving weight-loss goals, getting relief from pains and avoiding many chronic diseases, like cancer. Changing your dietary plans, having occasional fasts, doing regular workouts and abandoning processed, artificial and chemical foods are the most essential steps towards cleansing your body.

Today, we will talk about the most effective ways to cleanse your body naturally and lead a healthy, active life:

1. Avoid Toxin-Producing Foods

We eat different kinds of foods each day just for the sake of taste and without caring about their impact on our digestive system. There are many foods in our daily diets which are difficult for our stomach to digest and takes extra time to process them. Even after digestion, these foods do not provide energy or nutrients to our body, but rather produce harmful chemicals. The best thing is to fully avoid these food items or at least cut down our consumption.

Sugar is most common, coming in the form of fructose or glucose. Sugar gives a tough time to our liver and its high intake can result in health problems, like obesity and diabetes. Though we can't fully eliminate sugar from our daily diets, it is possible to minimize the intake of juices, soda, sugary cakes, and candies and reduce the addition of granulated sugar to half in tea and coffee.

2. Nothing Cleanses Human Body Better Than Water

Water is the best thing nature has gifted us to flush out irritating chemicals from the body. An average person should drink 1/2 gallon of water each day to avoid the toxins’ build up in the body. Keep water with you at home or office and a bottle of water with you, if outside, to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drinking alkaline water amazingly cleanses acid wastes from your body. Alkaline water keeps the body environment alkaline, which leads to a healthier body.

If you find it tiresome to drink water each hour, you can still keep your body hydrated with certain fruits and vegetables, which are high in water content. Fruits like grapefruit, watermelon, pineapple, orange and plums; and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, broccoli and spinach, have more than 85% water content. Decaffeinated tea is also a good drink to stay hydrated.

3. Increase the Intake of Fiber and Greens

Fibers should be a part of your diet to keep on cleansing toxins from your body. Fibers enable our digestive system to function properly and help our body to cleanse wastes effectively. For lasting wellness, you must eat fruits and vegetables that are highly rich in fiber, like navy beans, pinto beans, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, prunes, pears, apples and blackberries.

Leafy greens contain proteins, minerals and vitamins, which keep our health at its best level and repair damaged blood cells. Leafy greens are the also the biggest source of chlorophyll, which act as a cleanser in our blood.

Final Words

The accumulation of toxins and acidic wastes within our body accelerates the aging process and increases the chances of chronic diseases. Only good eating habits and healthy, balanced dietary plans can dissolve these wastes and keep our body clean. In a few months, after choosing the healthy lifestyle, you’ll notice that your skin seems even clearer than it was before and your body functions at a higher level.

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