Bits & Bites #38 - Business: Shuang Hor Culture & Environment

Sunday 9 March 2014

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Come to explore Shuang Hor Business. The culture and system in Shuang Hor is very different from many other profit-making and multi-level marketing companies. Take a look for yourself.


Many, many people who have been exposed to Shuang Hor (including myself) have the same feelings, and say similar things..
Shuang Hor environment is different from other MLM businesses.
Shuang Hor culture and values are also different from other MLM companies.
The people doing this business are friendly, humble and honest. They are willing to genuinely and openly share what they know, even to sidelines, so that everybody learns.


In the Shuang Hor environment, I learn to be a better person.
I have a positive Mindset, the right Attitude and the Belief that if I continue to sow my seeds and work this Business, I will get a Life I Want.


It is very important to regularly attend seminars and talks in Shuang Hor business.
Because it is from these trainings that we acquire the knowledge on how to use the products and how to benefit our family and friends.


Planning is a must, because nothing happens by accident.
In order to be Successful, you need to make a Plan.
And then, you must seriously Work your Plan.

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