Men: Why Taking Care of your Heart Will Improve your Sexual Health

Wednesday 26 February 2014

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Do you know what is the best indicator of a man's overall health?
The penis. Or rather, Sexual Dysfunction.

Most research suggest that the Penis runs into trouble before the Heart does. This is because the blood vessels supplying the penis are smaller and more vulnerable to damage. So if you have erectile issues, it may be because your heart is not healthy. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of sexual dysfunction in men. Therefore, the smartest way to improve your overall health and sexual health is to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease to as close to zero as possible.

Here are 5 ways to improve your Heart Health.
The good news is, these same 5 tips will also improve your Sexual Health.

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking damages all sorts of blood vessels, including those that go to the penis. So too much smoking will "mess up" your penis.

2. Handle Your Medical Problems

Diabetes can cause erectile problems. High insulin levels from too much blood sugar can cause blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood flow to your penis.

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3. Sleep More

Less than 7 hours of sleep a night increases the secretion of a compound in the body called endothelin-1, which is a powerful blood vessel-constricting agent. This means less blood gets to the penis, thereby affecting your sexual performance.

4. Reduce Weight

Weight or waist gain causes testosterone in men to be converted to estrogen. This can cause erectile problems. In fact, studies show that as a man gains weight, the excess abdominal tissue begins to pull or retract the penis in toward the abdomen, and will expose less of the length of the penis. Losing weight not only "lengthen" your penis, but also improve your heart and sexual health.

5. Less Alcohol

Excess alcohol is a sleep inducer and a sedative. Thereby too much alcohol can also make your penis go to "sleep", making it limp and weak.

In conclusion, the secret to Longevity and Better Erections is to improve your Heart Health.
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(Source: The answer is... the penis, Dr Mark A. Moyad, StarFit4Life, 3 November 2013)

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