Bits & Bites #32 - Health: Infertility

Sunday 26 January 2014

This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching.
And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

Chef Rasa Sayang
When you're Healthy, you eat Food.
When you're Sick, you eat Medicine.
When you're at Pre-Illness stage, look for Functional Food that can help restore you back to Health. Take Lingzhi / Ganoderma.


You may look perfectly fine on the outside.
But inside your body, you don't know what is brewing.
Lingzhi acts as your Medical Check-up Kit + Healing Solution, all in one.


Lingzhi / Ganoderma regulates your Nervous-Hormonal-Immune Systems at the same time. All need to be in proper working condition in order to conceive a baby.
For example, if the lightbulb doesn't light up, it doesn't necessarily mean the lightbulb is faulty. It could be the wiring system or the switch or the bulb itself.
Taking a combination of Yung Kien Ganoderma + Yung Kien Pollen have proven time and again to be an effective solution for couples who have difficulty conceiving.


Difficulty Conceiving
There are many reasons why a lady is unable to get pregnant - under-developed ovary, degeneration of ovary, obesity, irregular menses, progesterone deficiency (estrogen dominant), tilted uterus, uterus wall thickening, cysts in ovary and fallopian tube, and so on.
Lingzhi / Ganoderma have successfully addressed these conditions and helped many ladies conceive.


Never underestimate the gift of your Health. It’s the greatest Wealth you will ever own. It’s the foundation for every chance at Happiness and Success life has to offer. Your Body is the only place you truly ever Live in.

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