Bits & Bites #24 - Health: Ms Jamie Chen's Seminar on Aquasense

Sunday 24 November 2013

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Mineral oil is the by-product of the distillation of petroleum. Is is commonly used in baby oil, cosmetics etc. It forms a thin layer on our skin to prevent evaporation of moisture. However, this traps the harmful toxins and sweat inside our pores, preventing it from being expelled, causing clogged pores.
WHO has classified untreated or mildly treated mineral oil as carcinogen, a harmful substance capable of causing cancer.


Mineral oil suppresses the formation of melanin (the substance (pigment) that gives skin its colour). It does this by killing the melanin-forming cells. So using skincare products with mineral oil may result in you getting unnatural patches of white of your skin.


The skincare products you choose should have a pH level that is as close to your skin as possible.
Anything that's too highly acidic or alkaline will harm your skin.
Choose Aquasense range of skincare products for optimum pH level.


Aquasense Skincare uses plant oil from natural source (instead of mineral oil).
Plant oil closely resembles human skin. It regulates your skin metabolism (so your skin can naturally and easily whiten back after exposure to the sun), safely activate your inner cell growth and helps your scars and wound heal better.


Shuang Hor places greater emphasis on the contents of its products rather than the external packaging. So the bottles and tubes of Aquasense Skincare products may not look as beautiful, but the quality is excellent and the cost is much cheaper.


Aquasense Total Renewal Cream uses plant stem cells as one of its important ingredients. It has received many positive feedbacks for its effectiveness.
However, some companies which use similar plant stem cells in their formulation do not enjoy such level of effectiveness, due to the following reasons:

1. Cost factor leading to low concentration of the ingredient in the products.
2. Formulation contains other stimulating agents, resulting in the stem cells being killed, thereby resulting in a loss of effectiveness.
3. The products contain mineral oil that block the skin pores, affecting the effective absorption of stem cells.

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