Bits & Bites #14 - Business: 6 Reasons Why People Fail and How to Overcome Failure

Sunday 8 September 2013

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Common reasons why people fail in Shuang Hor Business

1. Lack of commitment - Knowing WHY you want to succeed will drive you with passion & dedication. When the WHY is clear & strong, going with 110% commitment become almost a natural thing without anyone having to tell you what to do. 

2. Not learning from past mistakes - Doing the same thing / same method and not willing to change or improve is the road to failure.

3. Giving up - If you are "stuck in the rut" and repeatedly making the same mistakes, you will eventually give up, as the exit way is so easy.

4. Lack of conviction/belief - Having doubts or lack of 100% conviction on the Products, Company, Business, Education System and particularly Self will lead to you finding faults on all these areas, and rationalising why they doom you to failure.

5. Lack of discipline - You will be unable to stay focus on your dreams and be easily distracted. Usually happens if you don't have good self-control or lacking in clear & burning desires.

6. Low self-esteem - Usually stems from life past experiences that mould you to have a negative self-worth or pessimistic view of life.

Before you can overcome any failure, most of the time you have to experience failure because failure itself will provide answers on how to improve.


How to overcome failure in Shuang Hor Business? 

1. Find out & remember the compelling reasons why do you want to make it in this business - The stronger & clearer the WHY, the easier the HOW. You will be motivated by your own burning desires, and not anyone else's. 

2. Try new methods - If you've tried the same ways many times yet still didn't get the results you want, have the courage to try new methods. Open your senses, observe their reactions, listen closely to people and do reflection, these help you to discover ways to refine or modify your approach.

3. Seek advice and feedback from people - Feedback is an excellent way for you to improve.

4. Give yourself some space to experiment your new methods - Be patient as it takes time for results to manifest.

5. Practice makes perfect - The more you practise, the better you'll get.

6. Regard every failure as a learning experience - After all, failures are just "temporary distractions" in disguise, why surrender so easily?

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