Guest Blog: Healthy Foods to Lose Weight - How to Choose the Best Food to Fit Your Body?

Wednesday 21 August 2013

For weight loss enthusiasts, choosing foods that help in losing weight is easy. The challenge is to choose the foods that not only serve as the main component of losing weight but is also a good source of vitamins and energy at the same time. Eating healthy is much better than eating less to have a lighter body. Losing weight usually means losing energy and strength, which is not good.  This article shows some tips on choosing healthy foods to lose weight that will actually work with any type of body and lifestyle.

Shop for fruits and vegetables     

While in the grocery shop, spend some time in the area where fruits and vegetables are displayed, as it is the healthiest section of the grocery. Fruits and vegetables contain good vitamins and minerals, and are also great providers of fiber and antioxidants that ensure a good metabolism and clean inner body. Berries, cherries, apples, beans and even potatoes are full of cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory, free-radical fighting antioxidants. Replace that bag of sweet candies with a kilo of grapes instead for dessert, and be rewarded with a healthier and sexier you.

Choose healthy cooking oils          

Taking in some oils into our body is not that bad as our bodies need it. The point is, we need to be wise in choosing which kind of oil should be allowed to enter our bodies. The key is choosing oil that will not solidify when placed inside the refrigerator. If it hardens after being placed in a fridge then there is a guaranteed risk to clog your veins and heart. Olive oil is the most recommended oil for its heart health benefits and superior amount of monounsaturated fat.    

Practice eating whole grains and whole grain products         

We must keep in mind that our list of healthy food for weight loss should be dominated by foods rich in fiber, e.g. whole grains.  Let go of white rice, white bread, cereal, and baked goods with low or no fiber at all. Whole grain foods are less processed than white flour based goods and are far better for a healthy and natural lifestyle.  When purchasing cereal and breakfast foods, breads, tortillas, baked goods, and snack foods, choose items with high counts of fiber. 

Say goodbye to massive amount of chips and cookies        

It does not mean that we need to totally prohibit ourselves from eating any of those tasty chips and delicious cookies. What is meant here is we just need to minimize the chips and sweets intake. The solution for this is to replace at least half of the amount of chips that we usually consume each day with a pack of nuts and seeds. Beans and legumes are high in fiber as well as antioxidants and other phyto nutrients that do wonders in achieving a great looking, and healthy feeling body.       

Author Bio:  
Rod Devreese is a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an author for His research and writing focus mainly on reviewing diet plans and healthy foods to lose weight.

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