Testimony 5: How Lingzhi Solved a Severe Gout Problem That Lead to Stomach Cancer

Wednesday 26 June 2013

"Ganoderma Magazine" is a technical publication by the Microbiological Research Foundation of Taiwan. The magazine gives you more in-depth information on Lingzhi / Ganoderma research and its application on your body’s health. However, it is only available in Chinese language. Below is the English translation of a testimony on how Lingzhi has helped this young man manage his Gout problem.

Due to this man's family history, he has high uric acid level from a very young age. He did not control his diet and liked to eat meat and seafood, and drink alcohol. Therefore, at age 20, he started to have gout problem. He treated his condition by taking western medicine, painkiller and injection.

10 years later, his gout problem got worse and has spread to both legs.

When he reached 40, his uric acid has increased to 12.3mg/dL. The western medicine and injection that he took could not really suppress the pain anymore. So he numbed it by taking a lot of painkiller.

When he started to have stomach pain after taking gout medicine, he went for a checkup. The doctor diagnosed him with stomach cancer, at the age of 41. The doctor suspected that the stomach cancer could be due to the side effects of long-term consumption of gout medicine. He was scheduled for an operation in 10 days' time.

He took 90 Lingzhi daily for the entire 10 days before operation. Perhaps due to Lingzhi, his cancer was localised and the doctor removed only 2/3 of his stomach. He did not need to go for any chemotherapy.

Dosage after operation: 40 Lingzhi daily.

Vertigo/Healing reaction: reoccurrence of gout pain for 3 to 4 days.

Maintenance dosage: 30 Lingzhi daily for 5 years.

Due to the high dosage, Lingzhi was also able to cure his urticaria problem, which he suffered from since young.

In all his medical reviews, his blood test show that his cancer reading CEA is only 1ng/ml (normal range is < 6ng/ml) and his uric acid is around 6.5 to 7mg/dL.

(Source: January 2011 issue of Ganoderma Magazine)

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