Guest Blog: Sports Not Just For Health, But Beneficial for Beauty too!

Friday 3 May 2013

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin along with a beautiful physique. To get there, one must follow a strict regime combining a healthy nutritious diet and exercise along with maintaining the way one looks. Along with a healthy diet and frequent visits to the beauty parlour, one must also regularly carry out various kinds of sporting exercises to keep fit, healthy and beautiful. Sports include swimming, cycling and jogging, going to the gym and working out.

Let us find out the benefits of sports in maintaining a glowing and healthy skin

Sports and exercises improve the circulation and blood flow in the body. This in turn helps to improve the texture of the skin, and brings a glow to your face. You will be amazed that if you exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, it will definitely make a difference to the way you look and feel inside. 

Benefits of sports

There are abundant benefits in doing sports. The physical benefits include augmented lung capacity, reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthening of the spinal cord, reduction of stress, improved approach to life, and a lot of other associated things as well. Regular sports activities also enhance the motor skills as well as social skills of a person. All these combined definitely helps to bring an improvement in your lifestyle as well as the way you look.

Smoother and more radiant skin

A person who is into regular sports will definitely be better off than a person who isn’t. Breaking out sweat during exercise reduces body inflammation and helps control skin-significant hormones. Exercise helps the pores of the skin to open up, allowing more blood to reach the surface of the skin and deliver nutrients that restore injury from the sun and ecological contaminants. So your skin looks younger, brighter, and glows with brightness.

Brings in self confidence

Regular exercise brings in self confidence. Positive people emit a confident physical appeal and personality. Surveys showed that people who regularly workout demonstrate better traits of personality and charm.

Improves posture

Regular exercise and sports also helps one to improve one's posture as well as stature. It helps to improve muscle and bone growth along with augmented development. Improved posture makes one look confident, slimmer and fitter.

Reduces stress

Regular exercise will show on one's skin and physique. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety that one feels inside. Sports have been shown to assuage most cases of anxiety, and can very rapidly perk up mood. Regular exercise will help one to get a good night’s sleep, which will show on one's health the next day. It also helps to give better immunity and resistance.

All of the above tips combined will make you feel fresh, energetic, rejuvenated, glowing, healthy and happy. Thus goes the saying that "Sports Not Just For Health, But Beneficial for Beauty too".

About the Author:
The above article is written by AJ who specializes in skin care products and runs her own small salon. She loves to advise people on beauty and health care tips via her articles. 

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