Testimony 4: Gout Stone Problem Resolved After 1 Month of Lingzhi

Wednesday 3 April 2013

"Ganoderma Magazine" is a technical publication by the Microbiological Research Foundation of Taiwan. The magazine gives you more in-depth information on Lingzhi / Ganoderma research and its application on your body’s health. However, it is only available in Chinese language. Below is the English translation of a testimony on how Lingzhi has helped this man manage his Gout problem.

The centre finger of the left hand of a 44 year old man suddenly became very painful. The pain slowly spread to the other 4 fingers and eventually his entire hand. He was diagnosed with gout problem after a blood test that showed his uric acid level at 9.5mg/dL. Both Western and Chinese medications that he took did not result in much improvement.

On the contrary, his gout condition got worse to the stage where he had to undergo an operation to remove the gout stone from his left hand. However, the gout stone grew back again after a few days. For a period of 6 months, he consumed another brand of Lingzhi, but did not see much improvement in his condition. He went for operation every 2 to 3 months and removed more than 10 gout stones during this period. He was not able to work.

His cousin recommended him to give Lingzhi another chance, but this time to try Shuang Hor's Lingzhi.

8 Lingzhi + 8 Pollen, 3 times a day for first 10 days.
15 Lingzhi + 15 Pollen, 3 times a day for next 10 days.
20 Lingzhi + 10 Pollen, 3 times a day for next 7 days.

Vertigo/Healing reaction:
Day 28 - the entire left hand was badly swollen and very painful.
Day 29 - his centre finger cracked and a smelly liquid flew out non-stop for almost 1 week. He also felt cold, had smelly sweat and smelly stools. His weight reduced from 66 kg to 60 kg and he felt more energetic.

Eventually, his other illnesses, liver, gastric, kidney and cholesterol level showed great improvement.

His uric acid reduced to 5mg/dL and he has no more gout stone.

(Source: January 2011 issue of Ganoderma Magazine)

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