Tired, Tired, Tired: Poor Blood Circulation

Friday 6 July 2012

Hey guys, do you constantly feel fatigued? Do you suffer from shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, poor memory, lack of stamina or infections that are too slow to heal? You may be suffering from poor blood circulation.

What cause poor blood circulation?
Working long hours, constant pressure and stress, lack of exercise..

This condition was previously seen in mainly middle-aged men, and those with hypertension, diabetes or arteriosclerosis. It is now increasingly seen in otherwise healthy younger men.

Symptoms of poor blood circulation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Frequent urination
  • Cold limbs
  • Lower back pain, chest pain, numbness and weakness in arms and legs, pain or cramping in leg and hip
  • Impaired or slurred speech
Ignoring these signs can lead to serious health conditions, including the loss of limbs, heart attack or stroke.

(Source: Tired of being tired?, StarFit4Life, 10 June 2012)

Solution to get your energy back

There are scientific evidence to show that Lingzhi / Ganoderma has the effect in reducing blood pressure (click here for article) and the ability to prevent diabetes (click here for article). 
All the fats and cholesterol that's clogging up your blood vessels will narrow the walls of the vessels, slowdown blood flow and form thrombo-embolism (which can cause stroke or heart attack).

Lingzhi / Ganoderma is able to dislodge all these dangerous garbage and hence improve blood circulation. The good news is, as the mobility of the blood flow is improved, you will also feel more stamina and less tired.

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