What Makes Aquasense Hydrating Toner So Special

Thursday 24 May 2012

Toner is a skincare product used right after cleansing. Its main function is to provide your cleansed facial skin with enough moisture. In addition, it also contributes to:
  • Excellent hydrating effects.
  • Regulating sebaceous activities.
  • Soothing and calming skin tissues.
  • Refining pores.
  • Reducing wrinkles.
  • Supplying nutrients needed by the skin to awaken its innate mechanisms of staying youthful and healthy.
In a nutshell, a fully hydrated skin cell is the prerequisite to preparing our skin for the absorption of nutrients from subsequent skincare products, such that they can reach the inner layers to make our skin softer, smoother, more tender and fully moistened.

Why Aquasense Hydrating Toner

Aquasense Hydrating Toner has the ability to "rescue" a dehydrated skin in an effective manner, and works wonders in overcoming wrinkle formation, enlarged pores, excessive sebaceous secretion, roughness, peeling and other skin problems arising from skin ageing.

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract - an ingredient in the Toner that provides moisture-retention and anti-wrinkle actions

Scientists have discovered that Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica, a new strain of bacteria isolated from sediments at the bottom of Antarctic glacier, produces an exopolymer that presents a cryoprotective effect (cryo means freezing cold) due to its ability to modify the morphology of ice crystals. This exopolymer is able to:
As a biotech product of patented monolayer process and an extract of Pseudoalteromonas Antarcticine, it is capable of:
  • promoting normal functions of keratinocytes to enable an excellent wound healing effect on lacerations in the skin caused by extreme dryness.
  • stimulating the growth of fibroblasts which play a critical role in wound healing.
  • promoting the production of collagen and elastin to effectively counter the formation of wrinkles.
  • helping the skin to lock up moisture and preserve its function as a natural barrier against external threats.

Ultra-Low Temperature Extraction Technique

The commonly used high temperature extraction technique more often than not results in an almost complete loss of biological potential. In contrast, the ultra-low temperature (-5'C to -100'C) extraction technique contributes to retaining and maximizing the biological potential of the extracts, which now become several dozen times more viable than those extracted through traditional extraction methods.

1. Meadowsweet Extract. Features anti-inflammatory, soothing and regulatory functions.

2. Cucumber Extract. Features anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation functions.

3. Burdock Extract. Features detoxification functions and is effective in regulating sebaceous activities to prevent acnes and pimples.

Other Ingredients in Aquasense Hydrating Toner

Apart from the above extracts, the other ingredients used and their benefits are:

1. Canadian Willowherb. Effective in alleviating the conditions of skin allergies, flaking, and the sense of tightness and itchiness.

2. Sodium Hyaluronate, Gamma-PGA, Amino Acids Mixture, Natural Moisture-Retention Factor (Sodium PCA). Exceptional hydrating and moisture-retention ingredients with a high affinity to our skin. In particular, Gamma-PGA is capable of absorbing moisture 3,500 times of its weight.

3. Corallina Officinalis Extract. Contains up to 200,000 times the nutrients found in seawater, capable of normalizing the metabolism of the skin tissues to promote healthy cellular activities and give a fairer complexion.

With a combination of all these ingredients, Aquasense Hydrating Toner does an effective job in retaining the moisture on our skin and giving it a naturally smooth and radiant look.

Source: ShuangHor Magazine, Jan-Feb 2012, Aquasense: A Revolutionary Biotech Skincare Product

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