Which is Better - Lingzhi Spores or Lingzhi Fruit Body?

Monday 5 December 2011

Some people say that Lingzhi spores are more effective than Lingzhi fruit bodies. Is that true?

By drawing an analogy, the spores in the fruit body of Lingzhi are likened to eggs in a hen. The optimum time to harvest the Lingzhi is just before the fruit body releases the spores, so that the goodness of the spores and fruit body are obtained together. Therefore, Lingzhi products made from the fruit body would give a more complete benefit, compared to those made from purely Lingzhi spores.

Moreover, the collection of spores is a complicated and problematic process. Methods used include vacuuming or sweeping the spores together with a broom. In the absence of an effective sifting technology, the spores are normally collected together with airborne dust and impurities (like sand, insect legs etc). This makes it a huge challenge to maintain the consistency of quality of the spores as well as compromise on the hygiene of the end product.

It is also worth highlighting that the major active components in a spore is lipid. When the spores are broken, the lipids become exposed to the atmosphere, rendering them unstable.

Lastly, the spores are limited in commercial quantity. Therefore, generally speaking, it is not possible for products made from pure Lingzhi spores to be low in price.

In conclusion, it would be misleading to say that Lingzhi spores are more effective.

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