The Magic of Collagen

Wednesday 19 October 2011

A collagen that is hydrolyzed (i.e. broken down into very small molecules) is very easily absorbed by our body, giving almost immediate desired results. What's better is if the collagen is produced as part of a unique formulation, resulting in even greater potency.

Vitaking is the name of this collagen formulation I'm talking about. Listed below is what Vitaking can deliver:

1. Function: Strengthens our bones and protects our joints.
Benefits: Vitaking is exceptional in giving us healthy and excellent joints.

2. Function: Retains water and calcium in our skin and bones.
Benefits: This helps keep our body young and robust, and delays osteoporosis.

3. Function: Repairs our skin tissue and facilitates the production of lean muscles.
Benefits: As a result, it's a natural way to get toned and tout muscles, and increasing our muscle and bone mass. We will have a slimmer and firmer body quite effortlessly.

4. Function: Repairs and reinforces our cardiovascular wall.
Benefits: This is very important to help prevent the occurrence of stroke and heart attack.

5. Function: Reduces inflammation.
Benefits: Vitaking does a fantastic job as a pain reliever and calms the swelling. As it is a natural painkiller, it is very successful for disease management purposes.

6. Function: Restores our energy and stamina rapidly.
Benefits: Due to Vitaking's unique formulation, it is able to give us a boost of energy, therefore making it a wonderful energy drink before and after strenuous exercise.

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