8 Solid Reasons Why You Should Choose Vitaking

Saturday 10 September 2011

Here are some reasons why you should consider consuming Vitaking as your source of collagen to take care of your health:-

1) The source is from bovine, which has less contaminants as compared to sources from seashells or fish.

2) Unique formulation, as Vitaking includes lemon verbena (anti-inflammatory function) and ribose (providing instant energy for our heart).

3) Effective and high quality, as it has high collagen content and can benefit our whole body, both inside and out at the same time (unlike injected collagen, which is only skin deep).

4) Easily absorbable and goes directly to our joints, bypassing our digestive system, hence conserving our body’s energy (as it doesn’t need to be broken down by our stomach first).

5) Safe, as it's processed using enzyme with no additives. It’s safe for diabetics because it’s sugar-free as well as for children and elderly people.

6) Multi-functional with many benefits – effective to prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, knee/ankle/joint/back pain, poor vision, grey hair, dark circles under your eyes, stomach ulcer, cancer etc. Vitaking also slows down ageing, gives us radiant glowing complexion, increases mental alertness, maintains our skeletal frame and helps detoxify our body.

7) Consumption is convenient as it comes in individual sachets - easy to pack for travels, hygienic and freshness is maintained as it doesn't get oxidised.

8) Value for money in view of all the benefits above.

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